Four Essential Restaurant Cleaning Tips

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While keeping a clean kitchen is always beneficial, cleanliness is vital to the success of a restaurant. If an eatery is not able to keep its kitchens clean, the food that it serves to its customers may not be safe. Thankfully, there are a number of things restaurant owners can do to ensure cleanliness. Follow these tips, and your kitchen will be able to stay clean all day long.

Avoid Mops

wet-floor-caution-signIt’s common for restaurants to use mops in order to keep their floors clean. However, a mop can cause a host of problems. Because mops leave a large amount of water on the floor, they frequently cause slips and falls. In addition, a mop isn’t a very efficient cleaning tool. All it really does is spread contaminants from one place to another.

Instead of using a standard mop, you should look for cleaning products that specialize in soil removal, such as a spray vac. Products like this will be able to get rid all loose and soiled grime off the floor.

Don’t Keep Your Restaurant Understaffed

When there aren’t enough people to carry out tasks that need to be done, things that are deemed unessential will be left by the wayside. If your crew is struggling to get food to diners, they aren’t messy-restaurant-kitchengoing to bother to wipe down and sanitize counters like they are supposed to.

While having fewer employees can save you money, it can also lead to a number of problems. Make sure that you have enough people to complete every important task.

Ensure That Your Resturant Staff Is Cleaning and Maintaining Proper Hygiene

Having plenty of people on staff won’t actually be helpful if those people aren’t taking care of their cleaning duties. Make sure that your staff knows what they should be doing when they have downtime. Monitor them and ensure that they aren’t skipping crucial steps in the cleaning process.

You need to have staff that understands the importance of cleanliness. If someone isn’t washing their hands or cleaning the way they are supposed to, your best bet might be to let them go.

Use A Cleaning Service

commercial-restaurant-cleaningWhile your workers should be keeping the restaurant clean during the day, you should also have a cleaning crew taking care of your restaurant at night. A crew can do the kind of deep cleaning that is impossible to complete when there are tables of customers around.

When you work with a skilled cleaning service, your kitchen and your dining areas will always be clean at the start of a new day. From there, it will be up to you and your workers to keep them clean as the day progresses.


Keeping a kitchen clean definitely isn’t easy, especially when you are cooking meals all day long. However, a clean kitchen is absolutely essential to any restaurant. If you implement these restaurant cleaning tips, you will be able to avoid a lot of the mishaps. You will be able to keep a clean kitchen under any circumstances.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services

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Keeping your Industrial Commercial Kitchen area Clean

I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve walked into a kitchen and said, “clean this kitchen up”  Difficult? No, Lazy? Yes!  I have absolutely no patience for a filthy dining establishment! It doesn’t cost much to keep a kitchen clean and tidy. I’ve heard every reason in the book around for a filthy commercial kitchen:”I don’t have the time”. “I do not have the cash to outsource our cleaning services “. “My employees do not listen to me”. And my perpetuity favored, “I really didn’t notice how dirty it was”.


How can anybody claim, with a straight face, that they really did not see the accumulation of grime and dirt? I’ve entered restaurants with noticeable rodent droppings, dirt covered drapes, panels, and window blinds, as well as floors so dirty my shoes actually stuck to the carpeting. But they didn’t notice this?

If you can’t keep your commercial restaurant kitchen clean, you may as well just close it down! When a customer walks in and see’s filth, this will promptly turn them off. I often just walking to the restroom glance in the kitchen door window and in about 2 seconds make a decision to leave or stay, unsanitary equipment and inappropriate food managing techniques can be a major health hazard. There is no valid excuse for not maintaining your restaurant and keeping it clean and sanitary!


If you remember the Mater Chef Fox – Snooty episode where they essentially had found a stacked and packed establishment with everything covered with years of dust in the dining-room. Yet that was just the start of their particular issues. The fryer and grill was horrible. Oil covered their kitchen and also mold and mildew was growing on the folds up of rubber in the fridge. I told them to close the place down right away as you won’t be serving one more customer until we deep cleaned the whole place.


It’s the responsibility of a dining establishment owner to maintain the location by keeping it clean safe and sanitary! It’s truly not that tough. You simply need good commercial cleaning company that provides professional cleaning services, scheduling, uniformity as well as a little elbow grease.

Hotel and Travel Resort Maid Cleaning Tips

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Hotel & Resort Housemaid Commercial Cleaning Tricks

If any individual recognizes a point or 2 regarding quick-yet-efficient cleansing, it’s travel hotel and resort maids. They have lots of methods, as well as tons of ideas that could assist you in the house. Right here, a couple of you ought to take a look at.


1. They remove and clear away clutter first.

Clear the mess from an area and also begin with an empty slate. Get rid of the garbage, eliminate the bed linens, towels, as well as anything else left. In the washroom, clear the towels, bathmats, containers, as well as every little thing on the counters or bathroom storage tank. This eliminates the lure of merely cleaning around these things or selecting them up as well as instantly putting them pull back on a damp surface area, which could leave ring marks.

2. They choose microfiber towels.

The trick to reliable cleaning is an appropriate cleansing fabric. Microfiber is the very best, If you do not have one, utilize a cloth like a fabric baby diaper, an old pillow cover or old Shirts. Make sure to stay clear of making use of terrycloth towels or polyester as they could, in fact, develop even more dirt.

3. They use the method to  swiftly make beds by identifying tags.

Making a bed that’s bigger compared to a double could be lengthy: Regardless of which type you begin with, you often recognize you place the lengthy end of a fitted sheet on the small end of the mattress. A tip with King master sheets is that the tags will be located left and with the queen sheets they are on located on the right. You could likewise make a mark with a material pen to signify appropriate or left edges.


4. They beat the drapes between deep cleaning.

Dirt will continuously accumulate around the Drapes or curtains in a hotel room. The most effective means to clear drapes is to whack them with a hand towel. A good hand towel weighs enough to make a good impact yet also light so that your arm will not tire. What about using the drape add-on on your vacuum cleaner? It does not reach all the full areas and corners like a towel. Whack all the dirt out of the drape right into the flooring, and then afterward, vacuum it up.

5. They vacuum prior to mopping.

Always make sure to vacuum, or at least sweep, prior to you mopping when cleaning a hotel room. You do not really want damp or wet hair on your flooring as it could dry there be challenging to eliminate and even worse, this looks terrible to clients. When it’s time to get out the mop, begin with the outer edges as well, and then mop your way out through the door so not to leave footprints.

6. They do the shower/bathrooms last.

You should always start in the bedroom first (instead of the restroom) to cut down on the transfer of bacterial.

7. They recognize that it takes some time before cleaning products start working.

Allow your cleaners do the most of the hard work for you. Splash the shower wall surfaces as well as the toilets and then go onto something else while the cleaners dig into the grime. This also gives you time to cleanse the mirrors, home windows, medication cupboard, and also whatever else needs to be done in the room. After that, get back and then clean off the surface areas, while using a lot less scrubbing effort.

8. Most, hotel maids vacuum in a way that contradicts the way you might think.

Your mother might have shown you to begin at the outermost perimeter of a room and then vacuum your way out, however, pass your vacuum as you would walk right into the area over the high-traffic locations then you vacuum again on your own out, so you cover the higher traffic area more.


9. Their best cleaning solutions are possibly in your kitchen cupboard.

You might think that we would have some really secret cleaning products we use, however, the most effective solutions we use is plain old white vinegar, and tap water. It cleanses well or even gets rid of cloudiness from residue left by various other cleaners. Fill up a spray container bottle with one a 1:3 ratio vinegar to water.

10. They constantly have a toothbrush handy.

You definitely do not always need to finesse your home with a fine-tooth comb, however, you must make use of a toothbrush occasionally. I have a number of little brushes that get that get right into those small creases in the restroom. Around the lower screws and hinges of the toilet and seat are the hardest areas to clean and small brushed do the trick.

11. They work organized.


Hotel house maids maintain every little thing they might perhaps require on their convenient carts or caddies. Take a hint from them and make yourself a small version: Load a plastic container or pail with all your cleaning products, dustcloths as well as brushes. A caddie maintains every little thing, all together in one container so you can carry it easily from room to room, reducing the quantity of time it requires to do the job. Store it in the utility room and you’ll be able to grab the caddy in one swoop and get onto the task quickly without searching for different things you might need as you go.

Well, I wish this has actually assisted you. Please leave a remark.